Gas Safety

At BBCS Limited we can offer you the assurance of our Gas Safe registration, in order to obtain this accreditation our engineers have received extensive training and have undergone thorough assessment by Gas Safe Register and other awarding bodies.

Our Gas Safe registration enables us to carry out the repair and service of both Natural Gas and LPG commercial catering appliances and also to install, test and purge gas pipe work installations within catering establishments.

Our engineers will issue Gas Safe, Gas Safety Inspection Certificates whenever we are required to service or install gas fired appliances.

With the revised update to BS 6173 (August 2009) regarding specifications for the installation and maintenance of gas fired catering equipment all of our engineers have been retrained to the latest standard to enable us to give you up to date information and guidance relating to the newly revised standard.

Gas Interlock - Does your kitchen comply with current gas safety regulations?

The legislation regarding the installation and maintenance of gas fired catering equipment can be a minefield for the caterer!

At BBCS we are happy to help by surveying your kitchen, explaining what the legislation means to you and offering solutions to any problems which we identify.

In 2001 the British standard BS6173 was amended to provide users of gas fired catering equipment with protection against the effects of exposure to combustion gases which are created during cooking with any type of gas.

BS6173(2009) addresses these problems by requiring that an interlock system be installed into the extraction and gas supply system. The underlying principle of the interlock system is that if the kitchen extraction system is switched off or faulty no gas is allowed to flow to any of the equipment, therefore users cannot be put at risk.

During the early part of 2015 the new UP19 standard for commercial kitchen ventilation and gas interlock requirements was introduced which takes over from TB140, this document outlines the correct installation of the commercial kitchen and best practices for routine maintenance testing.

In order for us to best advise you our engineers have up to date knowledge of both the legislation and the interlock systems available. If you do not have an interlock system installed at present our engineers can explain how the legislation affects you and can provide a quotation for any works which we recommend in order to bring your gas installation up to the current standard.