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School cooking equipment update!

Our customer's schools 1970’s installation was proving difficult to continue to operate using the existing gas fired catering equipment, several factors where causing issues such as appliances without full flame supervision device protection, poor extraction, no supply air input and incorrectly sized extraction canopy which was made from the wrong material.

The cost to upgrade the gas system to the current safety standards was not cost effective so a change to all electric equipment was the only real viable route. In doing this proved also to be difficult as although there was a plentiful supply of gas to the building the electrical supply was severely limited so prior to recommending any equipment we carried out a week long electrical load test on the building to ensure we would not overload the electrical supply into the building.

Once we knew what electrical scope was available to us we were able to recommend the equipment that best suited the needs of the customer and this was electrical combination ovens from Retigo and table top cooking from Lincat.

Using our in house installation team were able to install all the electrical, water and waste services without the need of external contractors. Minor alterations were made to the extraction system by installing a modern upgraded extraction fan into the existing canopy to remove steam and heat.

The end result is cooking equipment that can be fully utilized using the existing installation at a price that is affordable.  

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Pictured below are the before and after pictures from this installation.

School gas cooking equipment to all electric  School gas cooking equipment going all electric