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Rinsing Sink to Dishwasher Scheme

A small academy school asked us to attend to their wash up rinsing sink which had developed a fault. This appliance had been in service at this school since 1971 and had given them almost faultless service in this time but times have changed and although we were able to repair the appliance some thought needed to be given to replacement for both hygienic and health and safety issues relating to its use.

Water regulations also needed to be adhered too of which unfortunately the existing appliance was in breach of as it was fitted with “dribble” taps which could be used below the water line with no back flow prevention meaning used water could potentially be drawn back into the fresh water supply causing contamination to the raw water. The appliance when manufactured was also painted on its undersized in an asbestos sound deadening so needed to be specially disposed of.

The age of building also caused issues as any new installation would need to be completely stand alone and not fixed to the fabric of the building in any way due to asbestos insulation and tiling grout used in its construction which could not be disturbed.      

A pass through dishwasher scheme by Maid Aid was chosen with bespoke inlet and outlet tabling which was designed so that the installation was totally stand alone and not reliant on being fixed to the building structure.

FOG (Fat, Oil, Grease) protection was installed to protect the drains and comply with water regulations.

End Result: A quicker, more hygienic and cost effective solution using the existing water, waste and electrical services available so keeping costs to minimum.

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Pictured below are the before and after pictures from this installation.

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-11 at 13.32.14 WhatsApp Image 2021-10-11 at 13.32.14 (1)